Frequently Asked Questions

When booking your holiday with us, prior to booking please read and check:
(1) your pitch details
(2) our T&C’s 
(3) Our Campsite Rules, and where relevant our Dog Policy and Groups Policy
(4) These FAQ’s It is a term of booking that you have read and understood these and agree to abide by them when you book to ensure everyone has a great holiday here. 

Camping is a great way to experience the Lake District and there are plenty of options available for places to. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Baystone Bank Farm Campsite, which is located at the foot of Black and White Combe.
Is there a reception?
Not in a formal sense, the campsite warden has an onsite caravan which will always be manned, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to give it a knock! We have contactless check in but if you feel disorientated please call us or find the warden. We are here for you! Maps will be displayed around the site to assist you!

What’s Included and what do I need to bring?
Tent Pitches: these are a reasonable, minimum 70 square metre space for you and your tent. Some pitches allow parking, some do not. If the weather has been utterly foul we might request that you park in the car park to avoid you getting stuck or damaging the pitch.
Car/small campervan space included in pitches S1-10 and on Electric pitches E1-8 where you have access to an electric hook up. If it is REALLY wet weather we will re-site you if a camper van, or ask you to park in the car park to avoid you getting stuck or damaging the pitch..
No car spaces in the car free zone (S11-18 and CFS 19-23) and outlying fields. Parking is on spaces nearby or the car park, a couple of mins walk maximum
Hard standing for Campervans, Motorhomes, caravans – a two space hard standing area with grass for relaxing on next to it. 
Check the map and individual pitch for full details before booking. 
You will need to bring everything! If you forget something please, do ask as if we can help, we will! The shop stocks sleeping bags, karrimats, tent pegs and a variety of camping items which might be of help!

What facilities are onsite?
Our main site has a shower block with toilets and dish washing facilities, as well as water points located in various places around the main site. Our Bramless and Little Mead fields have their own toilet block and water point!

Can I stay for just one or two nights?
ALL tent pitches are for minimum two nights over a weekend, the bell tents are different, see below

Is the site wheelchair accessible?
Unfortunately, this is not possible on all pitches due to the nature of both the site and camping in the Lake District on a fell farm generally, but we would always endeavour to accommodate any disability, as many of the pitches would easily be wheelchair accessible.. The best course of action is to give us a quick call before booking to confirm the accessibility of your preferred site.

Will there be Wi-Fi coverage onsite?
Sorry, no, we do not offer Wi-Fi. We are happy that this is a site where you and your family can have some time interacting with each other! There is quite good mobile reception though.

What time can I arrive and what time must I leave?
Check in times are between 3-7pm, why not arrive early and get a feel for the local area? Check out is 10am.

What happens if something breaks?
IF you accidently break or damage anything, please don’t let it spoil your stay. Just let one of our on-site team know so they can provide a replacement.
In some circumstances there may be a charge for damage.

Can we bring a ‘pup’ or small tent?
Our pitches are for one tent only, so we can’t allow a pup or small tent. In certain circumstances by pre arrangement we might allow it, please call us to discuss.

What if I get stuck in the mud? 
As every campers worst nightmare, we try to avoid this as much as we can by only allowing vehicle access where we deem it sensible to do so. Therefore, if found somewhere you shouldn’t be and you are stuck, there will be a charge of £50. This may seem steep, however when you take into account the use of farm vehicles, the staff wages and the landscaping of damaged areas of the site.

What is the Refund Policy?
With the unpredictability of the last year, it puts us in a difficult position where we cannot be handing out refunds to everyone who asks. Cancellations made more than four weeks prior to arrival qualify for refunds, also those in difficult circumstances with Covid. Cancellations less than four weeks prior to arrival are subject to no refund. Large group cancellations (4+ pitches) will also not receive any refund. All refunds are made via Stripe so Stripe fees will apply.

I’m a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club, do I get a discount?
No sorry we are a small independent site.

DOGS – if considering bringing your dogs you MUST read our Dog Policy.
Well behaved dogs are welcome at the Campsite, but must be kept on a lead at all times. Dogs should be walked well away from the camping area and any mess cleared up immediately.

Please note – pets are not permitted to stay in pup tents or “in the car”

No other pets are permitted. In emergencies please contact us to discuss your situation. 
Food shopping 
There is a shop on site selling all the basics such as bread, milk, maps as well as some camping gear which is open daily (see the board for times!). The closest shops are in Millom, Tesco’s, Co-op and a few independent shops.

For more Deli type fare, head to Broughton in Furness where you can enjoy many local goods and produce, including locally reared meat from Melville Tyson’s, and the gorgeous cafe’s with whole foods and vegetarian and vegan options.

Pubs and restaurants
At the moment we are not 100% sure what will be opening, however handy contact details are displayed on this site and on our campsite, so just ask a friendly warden who can give you the latest information. 

Bank and cash machine
The nearest hole in the wall is in Millom, there are several. Most major banks are located in Barrow in Furness, Whitehaven, or the Central Lakes such as Ambleside, Coniston, Keswick, Kendal etc

Freezer packs
We don’t hire any freezer packs but we have a freezer in the shower/washing up area which you are welcome to use. LABEL THEM or they will be removed!

Gas cylinders
We have gas for camping stoves in the shop. Broughton garage has gas available.

Mountain weather forecast
For up to date weather information, visit the Lake District weatherline.
Try the BBC Weather App for regular updates, it’s quite accurate.

Safety on the fells
The challenge of a day on the fells should never be underestimated. Please look at the information onsite re what to take hill walking, do your research and do not go into the hills expecting to stroll up mountains with uneven ground, poor footwear, requiring a high level of fitness, and appropriate clothing and good navigation skills lightly. Take snacks and drinks, DO NOT GET CAUGHT OUT! There is much information and advice about climbing up e.g. Scafell Pike and the other mountains of the Lake District on the Mountain Rescue site. 

Debit/credit card payments
Yes, we accept most credit and debit cards for pre-bookings online or via our Wardens.. Onsite payment can be made by cash.

Do you need coins to operate the showers?
No, use of the showers is included in your pitch fee.

Can under 18s stay at the site?
Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

Is there a reception?
No, the site is run by our campsite wardens who live onsite. If they are off work try the shop or call the emergency number on the shop door. The owner often pops by to say hello, you will see her with the collies, our working sheepdogs.

Do you accept advance bookings?
We do accept walk-ins as well as online bookings for camping.  

Is there drinking water?
All our water is suitable for drinking. We do NOT sell plastic bottles of water. Please bring your own containers, and take them home. The less plastic waste here, the better! 

Where are the best local beaches?
All along the West Coast there are many gorgeous sandy beaches with rock pools for children to explore! The closest beach is Silecroft with a small Beach Cafe and miles of sand. Do consult the tide tables, at high tide there is NO sand!! Haverigg Beach has a small cafe and a play area. Grab that bucket and spade and head out! Please though, take your litter home.

Where are some good walks for families?
There are a few footpaths directly from the site. Some have permissive use, some are Public Footpaths. Please KEEP TO THE FOOTPATH we have tried to clearly mark them. Local farmers private land is just that. Private. DO NOT encroach on their property. We will get our Campsite Licence revoked if they complain! There is a Coastal Path and hundreds of miles of fells and mountains to enjoy here, just be prepared if you venture onto the fells! Local meanders take in some stunning sights and lovely locations – walk as much or as little here as the mood takes you.

Our Bell Tents
– you will need to bring your own bedding (duvets/sleeping bags, pillows and sheets), towels etc If you find you get a bit chilly at night, we suggest you chuck in a couple of blankets too. We’ve tried to think of everything else you will need to make your stay as comfortable as possible, 
Bell Tents include a double bed and a futon type double bed with a low table, rugs, a table and chairs outside on the decking/grass to enjoy your meals alfresco! We also supply solar lighting and bunting to give your tent a romantic, fun, glamping and relaxing feel! Do bring a torch tho!!
We also supply tealights and holders – please use these with caution and discretion around children. Once the supplied ones have burnt out, you will need to replace with your own.

Other bits & bobs
Dustpan and brush 
Water carrier 

When do your arrival days start?
Our Bell Tents are so cosy that we simply can’t allow 1 or 2 night stays; please settle in and make yourself at home for a minimum of 3 nights. To make sure that everything is shipshape, we have set days for welcoming new guests so your stay will start on a Monday or Friday. Here’s a handy guide to when you can stay:

3 night stays commence on a Friday (Friday – Monday)
4 Night stays commence on a Monday (Monday – Friday)
7 night stays can start on a Monday or Friday 
10 night stays commence on a Friday
14 night stays can start on a Monday or Friday 

How will I know which is my tent?
As part of your booking information you will receive a site map, have a look so upon arrival you know where you should be. On arrival at the campsite you will be met by our friendly team who will show you to your tent.

Are there tables and chairs?
There is a table with four chairs on the decking. It is not to go into the tent as it will damage the groundsheet.

What about charging my phone etc?
There is a socket in the toilet block or the shop where you can charge electrical devices, 

How is the tent and property left, is it secured?
A bell tent is just that, a tent, so no ‘Yale’ locks are included. As with all holiday destinations we would strongly recommend that you take any personal belongings with you when you leave your accommodation.
Can I bring my pets?
We are a very animal; friendly location, however we do not want one campers pet to make another campers stay a nightmare. 
We do not allow dogs in the Bell Tents (except essential disability assistance dogs) but they are allowed on all other pitches SEE OUR DOGS POLICY.

Is there any heating?
Nights under the stars can sometimes be “a wee bit chilly”. Don’t let this put you off though, if you’re a cold blooded warm hearted kind of person, please remember to bring your warm fluffy blankets & hot water bottles as temperatures do drop when sleeping under canvas.

Can we have a BBQ or fire?
Camping just isn’t camping without a fire or a BBQ! If you fancy your sausages sizzling on a BBQ, please just remember to MAKE SURE YOU DO IT SAFELY, AWAY FROM THE TENT, please be kind to the grass or decking; DO NOT place it on or anywhere near the wood! NOTE! Damages will be charged to you, but more importantly, we do not want anyone hurt!

REMEMBER: Never use a fuel-burning appliance inside the tent or canopy, leave the BBQ outside and extinguished when you are finished as hot BBQ’s are dangerous and can be lethal. Please look after our site, and yourselves!
We know an open campfire is the best thing about camping, roasting marshmallows on a stick, stars overhead; you can cook your dinner on it! Each pitch has a fire pit of stones, please keep within that circle, don’t move them, and enjoy. You can buy wood at the shop and we pop around with the quad most evenings if you run out! So make sure you pack some warm fluffy blankets, and enjoy your nights around the campfire.

Please note, if you have little ones who aren’t used to being around fires/BBQ’s there are no guards around the fire pits or BBQ’s.

How many cars can I bring, and where do I park?
Every bell tent has one allocated parking space close to your tent. If you’re meeting other folk here and require additional car parking, further parking spaces are subject to availability. The tents have ONE parking space allocated, only.

Is it safe for Children?
If you have children in your family/group, it is vital that you realise that the stream is unfenced, it has a variety of small, shallow but unfenced areas and at times of high rainfall can be strong and then unsuitable for children. YOU are responsible for YOUR children. DO NOT let them roam unattended. Because this is a farm/hillside setting there are dips and bumps, sticks/roots etc on the ground which can be tripped over if you do not take care! You may encounter wildlife such as insects, amphibians (frogs/newts/ slow-worms), small mammals (bank-voles, hedgehogs if you’re lucky, and wood-mice).

This is a great place for children, with the stream to play in and walks to be taken, a beach, hills….but you are responsible for the safety of all children in your care, and by booking you accept that we are not responsible for accidents caused by lack of supervision or encounters with the natural environment.  If you have crawlers or newly self-mobile young children then you can still enjoy being here, but will need to be extra aware. If you have any concerns please contact the Wardens

If we just “turn up”, will we get a pitch?
Tent pitches possibly, check our availability online.

The Weather:
we unfortunately can’t order good weather! Its pot luck. We will do our best to ensure you have a lovely time here but if it rains for e.g. a week in August we can only apologise, (sorry we do not refund because it’s raining) we suggest you just wear a raincoat and get out there, it’s still beautiful! If you are struggling with cold, or having tent issues, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to come and find us, we will do all we can to help!!

Groups: See Groups Policy.

Rural and other noise!
Although we are in a very rural area, the countryside is not silent, and is also a working farm and riding centre environment. There is a rural lane along one edge of the site. At certain times of year (silage/hay/barley harvest for example) there may be fairly frequent tractor activity on this lane. However, there are also long periods with no traffic and we think you will find Baystone Bank Farm Campsite generally very tranquil. The camping area is screened from the lane by trees.
Baystone Bank Farm Campsite is intended to be a quiet camp, so please respect this.

It is everyone’s, including your responsibility to keep the pitches, tents, toilet and shower areas clean and leave them as you find them please! If you find any area of the site unsuitable, unclean, littered, please PLEASE let us know ASAP we take pride in how beautiful and tidy the site is and want to keep it that way!
Where do we put our rubbish?
There are big purple bins as you leave the site. These are for domestic rubbish only, not dumped camping equipment. We will charge you if we see you leave unwanted equipment, sorry.
Littering here or anywhere in the National Park is just a no. On every level. Pick it up. All of it. Take it home. Thank you.

Where can we smoke onsite?
Smoking is only permitted in the immediate environment of your tent.
Absolutely no smoking is allowed in any tents.

Scan for great local walks.