The Big Horse Shop and Café

Hot drinks and food served daily

Open everyday all through summer

Plenty of camping gear for the perfect getaway

Opening Hours: 8:30am til 3:30pm Monday to Friday / 8am til 4pm Saturday and Sunday

The Big Horse Shop and Cafe has been through many names since it’s inception! Starting as the Big Horse Gift ‘n’ Gear Shop, ran by Brenda for the first two years before passing the reigns onto current Campsite Manager Jamie to do behind the scenes and Hillary to run the shop front. Hillary had a passion for all things floral and gave her personal touch to the shop.

Now, we have our wonderful kiwi chef Steve running the show with Jamie still behind the scenes, the aim for the shop is to meet both the needs of our campers who join us and need food, equipment, basically anything they may have forgot; and the needs of our horse clients who want a quick coffee before their ride or a sugar top up of a cake afterwards. Steve does the cooking, cleaning and serving so expect service with a smile at every stage of your order.

We have Lakes Ice Cream supplying us with the perfect treats for a hot summers day, as well as The Crosby Snack Shed who provide us with cakes like brownies and millionaire shortbread. We even get our eggs from a farmer just up the road. We aim to collaborate with as many local businesses as possible so watch this space.

We hope you like our small project, we are now accepting card and have a new updated menu you can view here. We look forward to seeing you!