After much deliberation, we have decided to equip all of our electric hook up pitches with Rolec Smart Card Meters. During this cost of living crisis, the energy bills on our farm have soared to new heights, with the largest consumption of this electric taking place on our campsite. Now, to be clear, this does NOT apply to all campers, as those who just want to charge their phone overnight don’t pose any problem.

However, with the use of microwaves, kettles, cookers, TV’s, electric heaters and fridges, we have been left with very little choice but to have our campers accountable for the electric that they use. Our first choice was to increase the cost of our electric pitches for all of our guests, but we understand that everyone is struggling in this cost of living crisis and as said above, these extra charges shouldn’t be applied to those who exercise reasonable use.

Therefore, we have installed these Smart Card readers so that you can have a visible way of seeing how much electricity is used on your pitch (displayed in kWh). We used to hand our cards out to keep, but these have been pinched and kept far too many times, so we are putting on the credit for you (image below shows meter at “on”)

Our allowance is for 40p per kwH so when requesting extra you will pay this rate. As part of your pitch fee, an allowance is already given of 2.5kwH per day, ample to charge your phone overnight, but for those with heaters etc, we would recommend topping up with us. We can top up between 8am and 8pm but will help those outside of hours who unexpectedly run out.

Pitches with Rolec Smart Card Readers

E01, E02
E03, E04
E05, E06