Toilet / Shower Facilities

You will find our shower block on the left as you go up the easy access ramp, 4 private showers each with hot running water, a changing bench, sink, mirror and hooks to hang your clothes on.  

Straight across from the showers are our pot washing facilities, three big double sinks with ample drying space so you can keep on top of your dishes, especially those of you wanting a long stay with us. We recommend you use the Ecover washing up liquid provided, as it is much better for the planet (and our drains).  

Our toilets offer three individual large areas for the ladies and an area for the men with two cubicles and a urinal. This works efficiently with limiting numbers in the toilets at any one time.

To help prevent cross contamination, we recommend that each group use one shower between them to reduce the potential spread of infection. 

We also have an Ordnance Survey map on display in our toilets to see any local routes. We have a digital map with walks on by scanning the QR code on the handy numbers sheet