(By definition a ‘group’ is more than four adults/ two households)

We have, sadly, had poor experiences with some, not all, of the groups here. Although we want to share this beautiful place with you, we want everyone here to have that same opportunity and cannot have a few folk ruin the stay of others. It is quite simply not fair.

Please speak to the management prior to booking as a group. If you book individually but do not tell us you are a group ie you fail to mention this when you book, we will notice you congregating and you will be asked to leave (before you all start to consume vast amounts and get rowdy) so it is in everyone’s best interest to discuss your booking first. We might be able to find a suitable spot for you, we want to be hospitable, but cannot have other folks stay ruined. Work with us. 

Just know that we are not a site wanting folk partying until past 11pm. Please, groups, just talk to us! We are not ‘kill-joys’ but have every ones best interests at heart. 

We welcome bookings from Schools, Scouts, Youth Groups, D 0f E, etc, so email to enquire.