Hello everyone, my name is Annie and it is my pleasure to welcome you to your first look of our Heavy Horse Riding Centre, located in the South West Lake District. I started this business over two decades ago doing riding tours before establishing as West Highland Heavy Horses up on the Isle of Skye in 1997. With great difficulty (a migration, if you will) we relocated in 2006, became Cumbrian Heavy Horses and remain the only BHS Approved Ridden Heavy Horse Riding Centre in the world, we’re incredibly passionate about these beautiful horses.

With our own place, we have been able to offer not just horse rides, but camping, a shop and many more varieties of experience located on this very farm. We even have a vibrant Breeding Programme, which your riding supports, with Clydesdale and Suffolk Punch Mares and young stock to be seen as you ride around Baystone Bank Farm.

Since making it to Baystone Bank Farm in 2016 it has become a family business, my eldest son Jamie takes care of the campsite and my youngest Jack takes care of the farm side looking after our cows and sheep, leaving me to tend to what I love most, our beautiful heavy horses. It’s my lifelong passion and I’m so happy to finally be able to share it with all of you!

– Regards, Annie xx

Cumbrian Heavy Horses